Saturday, October 22, 2016

Ultimate Paint Water Cup DIY

I want to share a DIY project for a simple paintbrush cleaning water cup. I have been using this water cup for several years. Every since I started doing mixed media paintings, I found a need for a cup that would clean off my paintbrushes of glue and acrylic paint. Any empty cup would do the job, but I found it hard to clean the brush completely was very difficult in a regular cup. So, what makes my DIY cup so special? It is made from a Gator aid bottle. It has to be a Gator aid brand bottle, because the bottom of the bottle is molded in a very special way that allows the paintbrush to be cleaned. The paint then settles down in the gully of the cup keeping the water cleaner longer.

1. An empty Gator Aid bottle
2. Sharpie marker
3. Box cutter
4. Small scissors
5. Candle
6. Lighter

First: Drink Gator Aid
Second: Rinse out bottle

Third: Use small scissors or razor to remove table

Fourth: Use sharpie to mark line around bottle that will be cut

Fifth: Use the razor blade or scissors to cut along the sharpie line. Be very careful not to cut yourself.

Sixth: Light the candle and carefully melt the sharp edge of the cup. Be very careful not to burn yourself or anything else when you use the candle and lighter.

Seventh: Fill cup with water and start clean your paintbrushes.

I hope you will enjoy using your new paintbrush water cup!

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