Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to Paint Dolls Eye's


Two years ago I started searching the internet for inspiration on how to create the kind of eyes I wanted for my dolls. I wanted the eyes to be three dimensional to give a more realistic affect. I found a site called  Doll Makers Muse. Being very impressed with, not only, her process of making the eyes, but also, the way she shows how to install the eyes with eye lids. Sadly, I'm unable to provide a link to Doll Makers Muse, I've been trying to find her site with no luck. I will try again and when I can I will add a link.

I don't use her method of making eyes, I like using pre-made wood balls with no holes. I first tried wood balls with holes (wood beads) they didn't make the best eyes for my dolls. After inserting the painted eye and eye lid the part of the ball where the holes are, shows in the corner of the eye. It looks unnatural, don't like it at all. I found solid wood balls, but, I still needed to drill a small hole to glue a piece of wire in, so I can stick the wire in a piece of clay or Styrofoam while the paint dried. 

This method is so much easier! I will soon be posting a step-by-step tutorial to show my complete method of creating dolls eyes from a plain wood ball to finished set of eyes. 

I'm getting to the point where I want to start making dolls again and I need eyes first. Having the eyes in a unpainted doll head seems to help me figure out the character of the doll and who the doll wants to be.

Below are photos from the first post I did on doll eyes on 5/11/12.

Hope to see you soon! With a completed tutorial.

"How to Paint Dolls Eye's the Easy Way"

Have a Wonderful Day!

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