Thursday, November 7, 2013

Left Handed Crocodile Stitch the Easy Way

 photo 000.png

This is a special request for a special left handed lady!
I hope this will help.
 photo 001.png

 photo 002.png

 photo 003.png

 photo 004-1.png

 photo 005.png

 photo 006.png

 photo 008.png

 photo 009.png

 photo 010.png

 photo 011.png

 photo 012.png

 photo 013.png

 photo 014.png

 photo 015.png

 photo 016.png

 photo 017.png

 photo 019.png

 photo 020.png

 photo 021.png

 photo 022.png

 photo 023.png

 photo 74C7A2E62059C06E2CCD3A9C0E6D7BB3.png


Sandi said...

Thank you doesn't seem to say enough for you doing this for me!! I am honored that you would do this for a leftie like me! Hugs a zillion times for this and it looks so easy! I haven't had a chance to try it yet as we just walked in the door from doc appointment and we have to do it again tomorrow. I will give it a go this weekend for sure! My back is killing me and I am gonna take my meds and try to get some relief. Ginger you are a priceless gem and so very talented! Thanks again, sweetie! Love you, bunches!


franjipanicrochet said...

Hi I just want to thank you so much. I am doing a blanket by Frank O'Randle called Rings of Change and although he even has a video to help with crocodile stitch I just couldn't do it - so frustrating and then I found your blog and whee- it's now a breeze. I really appreciate it, thank you so much from franjipani, another leftie!

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