Friday, July 19, 2013

Dusty Rose Dress for the OK Corral

I just finished a new dress for the show that I do at the OK Corral. It has been so long since I made a completely new dress. My group tries to stay in the time period of 1880 to 1889 these are the years that Wyatt Erp was in Tombstone AZ.

It looks a lot better on me then it does on her. I can button up the front and the bottom is more puffed out. I do need to made a lobster tail underpinning that would help a lot to get the draping of the apron and the bustle right. The lobster tail underpinning will make the rear stick out like it should.

 See how flat it looks in the back sit of her?

Still not sure if the bow on the back will stay. I have to do a show this Sunday and I will try to get one of the other girls to take a photo of me in this dress; so you all can see how it really looks on me

If you would like to leave a comment I would love some feed back on how the dress looks. If you are a costumer or Steam punk person I would love to hear from you too!

Happy sewing!

And have a great weekend!



Rose Possien said...

Hi, just flipping through your blog site via Google search on dolls. Love it all am enjoying myself! Just curious what did you end up doing with the bow in back, decide to change it or leave as is? I envision a large bow with long ribbons.
I love the re-enactment shows in Tombstone though I rarely get over there (so close yet so far away!)

Ginger Burch said...

I ended up leaving it the way it is. I did get to wear this dress a few times, unfortunately our group doesn't perform in Tombstone anymore. It was a lot of fun and I met a lot of amazing people in the 10 years I did perform. I hope this isn't a little loopy. I just got home from breast cancer surgery and am a little doped up. It was nice to come home to see you comment.

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