Sunday, March 17, 2013

Loving Heart Tin

I just love the Mixed Media found object assemblage. This is my firstfinished tin, it's suppose to be a story tin. I don't know what kind of story
this one is telling. It is my first one and I know if I keep working on
making mixed media art they will get better.

The pic of the fortune teller isn't glued in, but the left side with the ticket is.
I started gathering things that I wanted the story to be about, but I found
to many things I wanted to put in the tin. Then I got the idea of making 
some sort of "go to" tin for when I'm down or just need a "pic-me-up" or 
motivation to "keep-on-keepin- on" with the daily struggles of life.

We will see what happens with the next one.
This is the back side view.

Have a wonderful day!



Safria said...

Wow this is really cool! It reminds me of the red box with lace and pictures on it that you gave me! It still makes me sad that it's falling apart after all these years :[

Ginger Burch said...

Thank you Sweetie! I'm supprized you still have that box I made you so long ago don't be sad I can make a different one for you. :o)

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