Monday, November 5, 2012

Finally Motivated to work on my doll

Finally, motivated to work on my doll that has been just a head and a torso for so long. 
She kinda looks like the main character in the movie Brave. Dressing her in a Celtic Medieval fashion seemed like the thing to do.
My poor doll. She has put up with so much dressing and redressing.

The photo below is the first incarnation of what I came up with.
Don't like it!

This next photo below, is more in the direction that I had envisioned, but not quite.
 I tried drafting a dress for from my mind. Big Mistake!
Those sleeves are horrendous!
And what is the deal with the little bird?

Back to the drawing board.

The photo below is her now.
Redrafting her dress worked better this time.
 I like how this sleeve worked out, but I attached her arm too low. 
Her arm looks dislocated, as I see her. Not so much in this photo.
 I almost forgot to tell you.
After all the dressing and undressing and redressing her poor torso was getting a little dirty.
 I used a "new to me" pattern to sew a a new torso and legs.

So far she is happy!

November 15, 2012
Below is a pic of what she looks like today. I've added a crown, beaded trim around the top of her dress, Celtic embroidery on the front of her dress and one boot.

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