Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Paint Dolls Eye's

I now have the eye's for my Stump Doll painted

I was inspired by Doll Makers Muse to create
3D eye's for my cloth dolls and learned how to 
install my eye's and add eye lids and eye lashes. 
Click HERE to go check out her doll making 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stump Doll " The Beginning"

I've had this pattern for over a year now called "MADAME" by Arley Berryhill. This will be my first "Stump" doll. I usually give them legs, but this doll is in a full length, tight dress. No legs needed.

I'm determined to finish this doll. I will post how far I get each day. 

Supplies Needed

  • Pattern "MADAME" by Arley Berryhill
  • "Skin" Fabric 15"x20" I like to use high quality quilting muslin
  • Body/Dress Fabric 1/2 yard (woven cotton, satin, brocade or metallic can be used. I'm using bridle satin, it is sturdier that other satin's and is easier to sew with.
  • Polyester stuffing for the body.
  • Wire - 16 to 21 gauge for armature 21"
  • Water soluble chalk pencil
  • Good fabric scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread that matches your fabric

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FINISHED DOLL. I changed her name to"Countess Monte
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