Sunday, October 14, 2012

Treasure Chest of Good Deeds

I donated my time to create this Treasure Chest for the kids in my community of apartment complex's. When ever the kids do a "Good Deed" by picking up trash or helping one of their neighbor's the kid's get to go to the managers office and pick out a toy from the Chest.

I really love this idea since one of my elementary teachers had something similar. Remembering how exciting it was getting to search threw the chest to find a little treasure. I don't remember what I had to do to get to pick something out of the chest I just remember how much fun it was.

So when our new apartment complex manager mentioned a Treasure Chest for the kids I jumped at the chance to help create long lasting, fun memory's for the kids in my small community.


I found this pre-made chest at Family Dollar ($7.50 as is) all that was wrong with it was one of the feet was missing. That was fine with me I didn't need the feet anyway. I also got the skull from Family Dollar, it was part of a suction cup flashy light thingy, It was perfect! Then I cut two leg bones off a Dollar Tree skeleton and glued them in place with E-600. After the glue dried I used a paper towel technique that I found at a wonderful blog called Seeing Things. Go check out all their really cool ideas in creating Halloween props and decorations.

The Treasure Chest is a big hit and it's all kids talk about and they are racking their brains trying to figure out what "Good Deed" they can do.

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